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12 Derwood Circle
Rockville, MD

As the only women’s, flat-track roller derby league in Montgomery County, MD, Free State Roller Derby (FSRD) is hometown and homegrown. Founded in November 2009, FSRD is 100 percent volunteer-run by a growing group of devoted skaters and Fresh Meat, and is backed by a dedicated crew of referees and non-skating officials (NSOs).

FSRD is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Peaches N Cruelty

Derby name origin: Peaches N Cruelty was one name on a long list of names I was considering when I was fresh meat. My husband (then boyfriend) kept chanting "Peaches! Peaches!" for me when I worked out until it eventually just felt like my name.

When did you join roller derby? February 2009


What brought you to Free State? I started w/ DCRG but after moving to Rockville and having my daughter, I wanted to skate closer to home.

How did you find Free State? Derby's a pretty small community (or was, in 2009), so I heard about Free State as soon as it was founded.

Which leagues/teams are you affiliated with? (e.g. Suzies, Villains, Team Maryland, DCRG, CCRG, etc)

Suzies, Villains, and DCRG (alumni)

Are you a member of any committees or have off-skates roles?

Our Lady of Stats and Spreadsheets

Do you have a skating/athletic background?

Zero skating background. I've never considered myself athletic but prior to joining derby I was a marathon shambler. I also rowed crew in college, played all the soccer growing up, and did some field hockey and threw shotput in high school.

Likes: Casseroles, reading, reading while eating casseroles.

What is your Non-Derby-Related job? I am a Program Specialist in the field of International Education and Exchange.

Pre-Bout ritual: Eat all the food. I hate feeling hungry on bout days.

Signature move: Bulldozer-style jamming

Roller Derby hero: Literally every single official who volunteers their time so we can play. Also, Blaque Jac.