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12 Derwood Circle
Rockville, MD

As the only women’s, flat-track roller derby league in Montgomery County, MD, Free State Roller Derby (FSRD) is hometown and homegrown. Founded in November 2009, FSRD is 100 percent volunteer-run by a growing group of devoted skaters and Fresh Meat, and is backed by a dedicated crew of referees and non-skating officials (NSOs).

FSRD is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Shank The Tank

She wipes her bubble butt with adversity its the one the only Shank the Tank!

Name & Number: Shank the Tank #87

Preferred Position: Booty Blocker

Hometown: Homegrown in MoCo with a brief stint with the Amish

What I do in the real world: I makes my monies teaching and making art. . . but nobody pays me to be a wife, mother or coach; I just do that stuff fo' free.

Secret Talent: I'm a third generation private pilot and master potter that can clap with one hand. I also have secret gypsy powers which I can use to acquire fine unicorn accessories. I also have the ability to light my farts on fire, but haven't in a while because last time I burnt a perfect hole right through my spandex leggings.

Notable Injuries: I have bled for my team... I have thrown up in numerous bags... I have broken fingers and one time took a skate to the side of the head...

Likes: Taking nappies, not having to deal with things, pillow forts, spending the time, sequins and sportsmanlike conduct.

Dislikes: Haters, zombies and bad drivers.