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12 Derwood Circle
Rockville, MD

As the only women’s, flat-track roller derby league in Montgomery County, MD, Free State Roller Derby (FSRD) is hometown and homegrown. Founded in November 2009, FSRD is 100 percent volunteer-run by a growing group of devoted skaters and Fresh Meat, and is backed by a dedicated crew of referees and non-skating officials (NSOs).

FSRD is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Bad Asset

What do you do with FSRD?: Skate my face off!

Hometown: Sweet home, Chicago!

When did you start skating? Probably before you were born, whippersnapper! (Or 2007...)

What do you do in the real world? I'm a professional nerd and policy wonk at the Federal Reserve!

Tell us more about your decision to join roller derby: I got a Gmail ad for roller derby socks, which I think was a result of all my figure skating-related emails. I was like, "what on Earth is this roller derby thing" so I googled "roller derby DC" and the rest is history!

What is your favorite derby memory? Playing an amazing game with my teammates where we were so in tune that we seemed to be reading each other's minds. We covered the track like a well-oiled machine shutting down the opposing jammers time and again. Nothing in the world beats that feeling of camaraderie! The icing on the cake was winning the bout by one point in the very last jam! *sigh* all the derbs!

What is your secret talent? Flexibility...? I can put both feet behind my head, which helps me zero in actually playing roller derby...unless you count the times I accidentally fall into the splits on the track to the effective distraction of our opponents... lol!

Notable injuries: I damaged my lateral collateral ligament while playing on a very wet floor... :(

Likes: Horses and cheetahs and skating - oh MYYYYYY!

Dislikes: Being allergic to chocolate (why, universe, WHY?!?) and when skaters yell at refs - just... no...


This rollergirl will cause another Great Depression...of your face! She's number 1929, BAD ASSET!